Are On Cloud Shoes Waterproof or Not?

Are On Cloud shoes waterproof

Do you love this brand or has someone recommended it to you and you would like to give it a try? Then you should know that yes, some models from this brand are waterproof.

The On is a brand that is every day becoming more popular thanks to its stylish design, ergonomic features, and comfort they provide.

Users usually refer to feel like they are “walking on the clouds” and one of the best parts of these shoes is that some models are 100 % waterproof so we are going to discuss about them in this article.

When you are shopping for a new pair of shoes it is important to have in mind more than the style of the shoes.

Waterproof shoes keep water out of your shoes so your feet feel dry and comfortable.

This is a positive feature in cold weather because it helps stay warm and reduces the chances of getting cold feet which is an important consideration if you are running or hiking in wet environments.

This shoe also avoids blisters which are inconvenient for anyone who wants an active lifestyle.

Running or walking on wet feet can make them more prone to them because water seeps into the pores and crevices of the skin and create those uncomfortable and painful blisters.

The On Cloud shoes help you achieve your goals while keeping your feet dry.

Are All On Cloud Shoes Waterproof?

No, there are certain situations in which you won’t need a waterproof shoe and just having a comfortable and ergonomic style will be enough

Waterproof shoes sometimes aren’t breathable so if you work or live in a place where you need that kind of shoes then it is better that you don’t go for a waterproof model and instead find other models of the brand.

You must do your research on the shoe you want to buy.

But the good news is that in this article you will know exactly which model has waterproof materials.

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Which On Cloud Shoes Are Waterproof?

The Cloud 5 Waterproof running shoes are the most popular waterproof models of the brand.

The idea of this shoe is that it should be used in urban environments and is a great option for humid and cold weather but you could also use them for running and sports activities.

The fit is great and provides cushioning for arch support and extra cushioning for the upper side of the foot.

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The color options are classy, perfect if you go for more conservative and fancy styles even if it is for running.

You can easily slip on the shoe in cold conditions when you don’t want to deal with laces.

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The material has reflective properties, this factor is important when you are considering your safety and you want to go running or hiking at night.

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The material used for creating this shoe is 100 % waterproof which means that you won’t have to worry about water or fluid seeping inside your shoes and making your feet wet.

The outsole contains a micro-bump noise that provides extra traction when it comes in contact with water and longevity.

It is always important that you think about comfort and safety when choosing the right shoe for you.

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Waterproof shoes will prevent blisters and help you keep your feet warm in the cold months so this model should be your first choice in those cases.

On Cloud Waterproof Models

  • Cloud 5
  • Cloud X
  • Cloudrock
  • Cloudrunner
  • Cloud Hi
  • Cloudventure
  • Cloudwander
  • Cloudflyer
  • Cloudtrax

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Conclusion: Are On Cloud Shoes Waterproof?

The On Cloud shoes are one of the favorite brands of runners or people who love outdoor activities and want something comfortable to wear.

So maybe you are interested in purchasing one of the models but you want one that is waterproof and isn’t sure if all the models come with that feature.

Then this article should have helped explain the reasons why you should need a waterproof shoe, and the right model to look for if you want to go for this brand.

You will get a classy and stylish shoe that also fits like a glove, has all the cushioning needed to provide arch support, and extra features that make them easy to wear.

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