Where Are On Cloud Shoes Made?

Where are On Cloud shoes made

Driven by the desire to develop a revolutionary idea, Olivier Bernhard, a former Swiss athlete, and his two friends David Alleman and Caspar Coppetti came together in 2010 and founded On Cloud shoes, an athletic shoe and performance sportswear company.

From this article, you’ll find the answers to the questions like “Where are On Cloud shoes made?” and “Where are On Cloud shoes manufactured?” so stay tuned.

The company was formed to ensure that clients have a great experience while using the running shoes due to their comfortability and lightness.

Although it originally began as a brand for serious runners only, over the years, On Cloud shoes have gained a mass following among nurses, casual walkers, and even among trend-setting youth.

Today, anyone can easily rock these stunning shoes.

The company has grown, and as of today, shoes from On Clouds are available in more than fifty countries worldwide and continue to win great international design and technology awards.

Despite having its headquarters in Switzerland, On Cloud has clarified that its shoes are not “made in Switzerland”.

Like other prominent players in the market, such as Nike, Adidas, and Asics, On Cloud relies on contract manufacturers located in Vietnam, where the company collaborates with three such contractors.

Vietnam is the third-largest footwear producer globally, with China and India taking positions one and two, respectively.

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Where Are On Cloud Shoes Manufactured?

The manufacturing of On Cloud shoes primarily takes place in Vietnam, where footwear is among the leading industries because Vietnam is a country with solid development in sports.

Eight hundred nineteen footwear manufacturers in Vietnam employed over one million workers and produced about eight hundred million pairs of shoes each year.

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Experts also say that with a rising foreign direct investment (FDI) into this executive manufacturing sector, the country has an enormous chance of overtaking and replacing China to become the superior production center of footwear.

It is expected to produce almost two billion pairs of all kinds of shoes by 2025 and three billion by 2030.

Additionally, Vietnam has a shipping advantage.

With several essential ports, reliable energy, easy access to the internet, and the fact that Vietnam is a relatively small country, most suppliers are close to an airport or major port, making shipping quite convenient.

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Free Returns Are Offered in Most Countries

There is a home try option that offers 30-day free turns.

This is a good thing because, in case of any issues with the running shoes, such as you prefer a different color, you can have it resolved by returning the shoes within 30 days.

The brand has positive reviews on comfortability, brand, and fast shipping.

On Cloud shoes have a broad market due to reasons such as:

  • They are made of good quality material and are very comfortable therefore becoming a preference to many runners.
  • The shoes where running shoes are available have regular discounts and promotions, making the brand attract many customers.
  • There is a free shoe recycling service that On Cloud offers with a subscription fee.

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Conclusion: Where Are On Cloud Shoes Made?

As a reminder, On Cloud shoes are engineered in Swiss and manufactured in Vietnam.

On top of that, you should remember that On Cloud offers 30-day free returns in most countries so that you have time to evaluate your purchase properly.

Now you should know where is On Cloud shoes from and where are On Cloud running shoes made.

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