Are On Cloud Shoes Slip-Resistant or Not?

Are On Cloud shoes slip-resistant

The On brand has been offering comfortable shoes for running. But who likes to wear a shoe that can put them in an embarrassing scenario?

Are On Cloud shoes slip-resistant?

These shoes are certified to be slip-resistant. They claim to constantly work on the grip. Once you lace up, you’ll enjoy superior cushioning and traction.

While there are many schools of thought on this issue, On Cloud shoes will not make you slip in any conditions.

Most shoes feature an exquisite hollow design that increases slip resistance in every step. A slip-resistant shoe offers the perfect combination of flexibility, grip, and comfort.

On Cloud shoe incorporates heel counters that offer foot stability. This is what keeps your feet secure on varied surfaces.

Also, the durable outsoles keep the feet secure on the go.

Many On Cloud shoes are designed to be used in oily, soapy, and wet conditions. Some styles anatomically correct the footbeds to maximize contact with the surface.

Which On Cloud Shoes Are Slip Resistant?


These shoes use Speedboard technology to suit the needs of all types of runners.

The outsole is designed to provide traction on different surfaces, while the midsole is engineered to offer the right amount of support.

Cloud X

Cloud X is a new shoe in the On Cloud lineup. It pushes new limits in terms of agility, weight, and versatility.

The durable outsole and Speedboard offer unmatched support on all surfaces. You can react and respond to every run.


The Cloudmonster offers a durable and slip-resistant shoe.

It features a soft sock liner, so be ready to run wild. It’s perfect for balancing any run and is serious about performance.


This lightweight shoe fits true to size.

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It features Helion super foam technology and a Rocker outsole for a firm grip. And because it’s designed for city runs, it absorbs impact on rough surfaces.

No matter where you use Cloudswift, it will feel like your favorite sock.

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Cloudaway is an all-rounder shoe for everyday travel. The midsole is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, and the outsole offers remarkable grip resistance.

Furthermore, this shoe features a utility-inspired design to limit the environmental impact.

Cloudaway remains comfortable throughout the day and works seamlessly on different trails.

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How to Make Any Shoes Slip Resistant?

The importance of slip-resistant shoes cannot be understated. But you don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars in expensive shoes.

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Did you know you can make your footwear non-slip without toppling over?

Here are some tricks to make your shoes slip-resistant:


This is a simple trick to make your shoe grip on all surfaces – it transforms the outsole.

You make the shoes better on concrete, rock, solid dirt, and natural surfaces.

This concept is quite simple. You just put on your On Cloud shoe and walk on the roughest surface you can find.

This creates abrasions underneath to improve gripping. Scuffing increases slip resistance.

With scuffing, you don’t need to walk for miles. A few minutes will complete the task. If you own a new pair of shoes, a non-slippery surface is hard to come by.

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Use sandpaper

If you don’t like walking on hard surfaces, sandpaper can be a good option.

This roughens the shoe such that you can walk on a slippery surface. For the best results, you should use 50-grit sandpaper.

Use traction spray

If you’re on a budget, a traction spray is the way to go. This trick works the same as adhesive tape.

Some folks prefer the spray as a less expensive traction. You simply spray the sole to add traction to your shoe.

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Conclusion: Are On Cloud Shoes Non-Slip?

A slip-resistant shoe is useful in a wide range of situations. The best On Cloud shoes won’t lose footing on any surface and works well on different terrains.

If you have a shoe that doesn’t give the perfect grip, you can use the above tricks to make your shoes slip-resistant.

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