How to Lace On Cloud Shoes? 6 Great Ways

How to lace On Cloud shoes

We all have feet that are different in one way or another therefore it means that the way you lace your On Cloud shoes may be different from the way another person does.

From an early age, one is taught how to tie shoelaces.

As a runner, it is very critical that the laces are kept out of the way to avoid accidents that could be of extensive harm to our bodies.

Due to this, here are some of the ways how to lace On Cloud shoes. They are as follows:

Diagonal Lacing

Let your toes be free and start by taking the diagonal route. Raise the toe box and let the natural motion of your foot guide you.

This type of lacing would work out best with Cloudflow shoes.

Cross-over Lacing

This is commonly used by those who have an arch that is a bit higher.

You simply are required to ensure that the middle part of the shoe is loose to allow your foot to extend when need be.

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It is recommended style for Cloud X shoes.

Skip Lacing

This is the simplest of them all, you just need to skip part of the loop that you want to give more room.

It works best for the Cloudflyer shoes.

Speed Lacing

It is mostly used by those who like an easy way out of things.

It involves having single elastic laces that make it attainable to skip high into the Cloud in a matter of seconds and you can be off very quickly.

Extra Eyelet

Commonly used by those who swiftly slip out and have the need to tie again.

Almost all the On Cloud shoes have an extra eyelet. In most cases, it is known as the shoe seat belt.

Loop Lacing

To make it more comfortable, make a loop.

This allows a snug fit that acts as a preventative measure of foot shifting.

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Video made by: Global Triathlon Network

How to Tighten On Cloud Speed Laces?

Are your laces too loose such that you need to tighten them? Has your shoe ever fallen off as you ran or it nearly does so?

That simply implied that something had to be done to prevent your shoes from falling off.

It would be a distraction every time you stopped to adjust your laces as you make your morning runs.

This can also be an embarrassing scenario when in public.

You need to tighten your On Cloud speed laces to prevent them from coming off.

The following steps would be helpful:

  1. Lace-up starting from the bottom to the second last eyelet.
  2. Lace over then down through the very top eyelet. Do this on the same side so that a “bunny ear” can be formed.
  3. Repeat what you have done on the other side.
  4. Now on the opposite side of the “bunny ear” lace through between the two eyelets.
  5. When you finally wear your On Cloud shoes you will get a good fit.

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How to use On Cloud speed laces?

When used accordingly, On Cloud speed laces will be effective and give you the results you expect.

One of the ways that you can best use them is by tightening them well enough.

Doing this, it will ensure that the On Cloud shoes do not fall off.

They also help you in sprinting faster since the shoes will have a well-fit making them feel comfortable as you sprint in them.

Other than that, they act as a good preventative measure to ensure that you do not get injured.

You must keep on adjusting the laces throughout the day since feet tend to expand due to temperature changes.

When it is too hot you can try and loosen the laces.

This will help your feet to fit and your toes to have free space.

Ensure the On Cloud speed laces are lying flat as this prevents you from keeping on rubbing your feet which brings an uncomfortable feeling.

You do this by lacing your shoes by starting with the eyelets that are closer to your toes and afterward ensuring that you tighten them one eyelet at a time.

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Are You Supposed to Tie On Cloud Shoes at All?

At times you may find people walking around with laces that are not tied. It can happen knowingly or unknowingly as maybe one may consider it to be fashionable.

If you do not tie your On Cloud shoes you may encounter scenarios such as:

  • The shoe comes off each time you make a stride. This makes it so uncomfortable as it slows down your pace.
  • Untied laces can cause accidents that would be prevented. You may step on them and trip or someone else may step on them. This will make you end up in a hospital bed being tread for knee injuries and such.

The answer is yes. You are supposed to tie On Cloud shoes to avoid unpleasant scenarios and to make your feet feel comfortable in the shoes.

Not forgetting the fact that tied On Cloud shoes are more attractive compared to untied ones.

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Conclusion: How to Lace On Cloud Shoes?

Lacing shoes is very critical to avoid things such as blistering and chafing.

The lacing should be done according to your gait and the width of your foot.

Always ensure that your laces are not too tight or too loose to give you that comfortable feel as you run or walk around in your On Cloud shoes.

Having known how to lace On Cloud shoes you can now conduct the outdoor activities that you like such as hiking without having to worry about your feet.

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If you are still not sure what lacing technique is good for you, it would be best if you asked your pedorthist.

They will give you the right advice on how to tighten On Cloud shoes and what lacing technique is best for you.

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