About Us

About Fluent Feet

Fluent Feet is more than just a website for everyone looking for the right shoes, compression socks, or insoles.

Our main goal and purpose are to provide as much as possible valuable information for you about the shoes, compression socks, running, and walking in general.


Desire to help

We genuinely want to help people solve their problems, whether related to finding the right shoes or socks, lacing the shoes correctly, or anything in between.

Always improve

We have a growth mindset that guides us to always improve content quality and trustworthiness so that you’ll get the most accurate information.

Stay transparent

We strive for transparency in all of our content so that you can be assured to get the most honest reviews and comparisons in the industry. We do not accept any paid placements.

Show respect

We respect and treat everyone the same as we would like to be treated ourselves.


We are here to solve every problem related to your feet whether it is about shoes, socks, insoles, or anything else.


To be the first go-to place for everyone looking for trustworthy information related to feet.

Who’s behind all of these articles?

Most of the articles are written by Jani Alakurtti, an entrepreneur who likes to keep his feet on the safe side while at the same time helping you do the same.

He always does his best to gather all the information from multiple sources to give you the best possible answers in the articles. Also, he lives by our core values found above.

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