Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Hiking or Not?

Are On Cloud shoes good for hiking

The On Cloud shoes feature the masterpiece CloudTec technology for explosive take-offs.

No doubt, these shoes excel in comfort. But are On Cloud shoes good for hiking?

While On Cloud shoes are great on the track, they perform well on hiking trails. The slight heel rise makes them great for day hikes and backpacking trips.

When hiking on uneven paths, the cushioned heels give much-needed support. The outer sole, on the other hand, is solid and stable to hold the body weight.

This further minimizes contact between the shoes and the running surface.

Beyond that, the exterior of the shoe is waterproof, so there’s less chance of water seeping into the interior. This affects the overall performance.

The On Cloud shoes have hollow pods that rebound some energy return on take-off. The shape bites into soft ground for some decent traction.

Can You Use Running Shoes for Hiking?

When choosing a hiking shoe, the choices can be overwhelming.

So, can you hike in running shoes?

If you have trail running shoes, you can hike in them. They are better lighter and offer unmatched stability.

Your shoe should provide extra support and protection on the trail.

Why buy different pairs of shoes when you can combine two into one?

Trail running shoes vs hiking shoes

The difference between hiking and running shoes is evident when you put them on.

A hiking shoe is designed to withstand hazards like stones, roots, sticks, and anything you may encounter on the trail.

In contrast, a hiking shoe offers more support in its construction. It gives more support on foot arches and protects the ankle.

The level of protection makes the difference. Truth be told, traditional running shoes may not offer the best support on rocky surfaces.

Factors to consider when choosing a running shoe for hiking

The stability of your shoes determines how well you hike. If the terrain is unstable, things can get slippy-slidey.

Hiking shoes have a strong advantage on this. Be careful when using the shoes on rough terrains as this can negatively affect the intonations of the cushions.

Your protection when hiking should also be a priority. As you explore the different surfaces, a minor injury can ruin your day.

The best running shoes for hiking should be strong and durable. You want to wear a shoe that can take whatever comes your way – rocks, sticks, etc.

This explains why hiking shoes have thick rock plates for extra protection.

Hiking type

Some folks hike for leisure while others do it for expeditions. If the planned activity is more challenging, you need sturdy running shoes.

But if you’re taking a leisurely walk, a standard running shoe can do the trick.

How fast do you plan to go on the trail? It can be challenging to use bare running shoes to trek through dense, wooded trails.

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Hiking distance

If you plan to hike for a few miles, your running shoes should work just fine.

But if you want to hike for a long distance, you should invest in hiking shoes.

If you’ll be taking lots of steps, the weight of the shoe can add up over time. Therefore, you need lightweight shoes.

Ruggedness and elevation of the terrain

Some running shoes do not offer the best traction on surfaces. Things can get challenging on steep inclines.

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You should check the elevation changes to evaluate whether the shoe can work on it.

That said, you can use running shoes on flat surfaces without many elevation changes.

Another aspect to consider is the ruggedness of the terrain. Some running shoes can be challenging to use on rough trails.


The type of weather can determine whether you can hike in running shoes.

If your shoes can’t provide the best traction on the ground, it can be tough to navigate a muddy trail.

If your running shoes can’t give lots of traction, you’re better off with hiking boots.

Water crossings

If the area you hike has lots of water crossings, your running shoe should have waterproofing capabilities.

If your footwear gets wet, you may get blisters more easily.

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Conclusion: Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Hiking?

On Cloud running shoes perform well on the track.

Thanks to the CloudTec outsole technology, these shoes can navigate different terrains without compromising on comfort.

Happy hiking!

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