Are On Cloud Shoes Zero Drop or 6 to 8 mm?

Are On Cloud shoes zero drop

Zero-drop shoes are designed to promote your natural running stride. We are talking about the angle between the heel and toe.

Generally, your feet lay on a flat surface with zero heel elevation.

So Are On Cloud shoes zero drop shoes?

Most On Cloud shoes have a heel-to-toe drop between 6mm and 8mm. This is great for all-day comfort. For instance, Cloud 5 model has a heel-to-toe drop of 8mm.

The most important thing to remember is that this shoe makes your feet remain in the same position as if you were barefoot.

On the other hand, the Cloudmonster has a heel-to-toe drop of 6mm. It feels a bit different depending on where you land. Once the shoe breaks in, the heel pods compress for more.

When you wear On Cloud shoes, your alignment and posture improve. The toe box also feels nice to accommodate the shape of your foot.

What Are Zero Drop Shoes Good for?

Better posture

The most advocated benefit of zero-drop shoes is that they encourage less dependency on shoe gear.

The proponents of these shoes argue that you run faster and naturally too.

Zero-drop shoes reduce the risk of injuries, so that’s a great investment for your health.

Those allow your ankle, foot, and legs to work naturally.

Improves comfort

Zero-drop shoes are incredibly comfortable. They enhance your sense of motion and improve your posture.

The midsole design makes you feel natural when you run.

Not to mention, most injuries disappear after you switch to zero-drop shoes. And because the foot lays flat on the ground, that corrects your spine encouraging a mid-foot strike.

Improved running gait

Zero-drop shoes come with a wide-toe box. This lets the runners roll, stretch, and bend their toes.

This further increases stability to land on the forefoot. But that doesn’t mean that zero-drop shoes have zero impact.

The footwear will do a better job of dispersing the impact.

Improves balance

Zero-drop shoes imitate the natural movement of feet. It further maximizes the level of proprioception.

The ligaments and tendons will help to transition to a healthy posture. Once you wear these shoes, it will feel like you’re touching the ground with every step.

Zero-drop shoes are lighter

When you compare to the average weight of running shoes, zero-drop shoes are lighter. By shedding the extra weight, you move more freely.

This is a plus for runners looking for the fastest possible runs.

If your shoes are too heavy, they can affect joints, tendons, and muscles.

Make the feet stronger

Without the help provided by the arch in zero-drop shoes, your feet will work hard on every step.

Conclusion: Are On Cloud Shoes Zero Drop?

Most On Cloud shoes have a heel-to-toe drop of 6 to 8mm.

Since the feet are not designed to take impact on hard surfaces, the extra arch support reduces the impact.

If you want the perfect running shoes, you should choose footwear with a low heel-to-toe drop.

As you switch, wear the shoes for a short time. You can wear them several times a day and take breaks if needed.

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