Why Are On Cloud Shoes So Expensive?

Why are On Cloud shoes so expensive

Running shoes are all over the shoe market, with thousands of options to choose from. Brands are all over the market, including ASICS, Adidas, and On Cloud.

With all these brands in the market, choosing what running shoes to buy may be hard.

You will come across expensive running shoes and cheaper ones.

Why are On Cloud shoes so expensive?

Among the expensive running shoes, you will encounter are the On Cloud shoes.

These shoes are manufactured by a Swiss company that promises to offer the best running shoes to athletes and gym enthusiasts.

However, you may wonder what makes these shoes so expensive.

Why Are On Cloud Shoes So Expensive?

The On Cloud shoes are pretty expensive because of the high-end features they come with.

Thanks to their unique technology, they are performance running shoes that will make you feel like you are running on clouds.

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The shoes come with CloudTec technology which is multi-directional cushioning.

It will soften your blow when landing and enhance your takeoff boosting your efficiency and speed. The shoes will offer you a secure fit and exceptional grip.

The On Cloud shoes are ideal for mixed-sports workouts and boast versatility, stability, and agility.

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The shoes are also expensive because of the weave pattern and mesh uppers that enhance breathability and vigorous workouts.

If you are looking for long-distance running shoes, then On Cloud shoes are probably great since they are durable and lightweight, making them expensive.

The other significant advantage of these shoes is that you can run with them in any weather conditions.

Traits That Make On Cloud Shoes Expensive

Various traits make these shoes quite expensive, as you will discover below.

The On Cloud shoes have a different geometry. These shoes will offer full support for your feet and offer you protection.

Any sharp objects will not penetrate the shoe since the sole is well-cushioned and relatively smooth.

You can rock the shoe all day without getting tired of them.

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The shoes are manufactured using Cloud technology. It is technically one of the top reasons why these shoes are expensive.

The Cloud technology ensures the sole is spongy and soft as well as protects your feet against hard surfaces.

The sole will also absorb shocks while running. The On Cloud shoes come with a stunning design that makes them look more fashionable.

The On Cloud shoes come with an outstanding laceless entry feature. With this shoe, you do not have to worry about knotting.

It will not hinder you as you run due to an open lace.

Wearing the shoe will be pretty easy and seamless, as well as removing it.

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These shoes are lightweight. The other benefit that makes these shoes quite expensive is that they are not heavy.

This aspect comes in handy for runners and people who love working out.

With just about 14 ounces, you will barely feel like you have shoes on your feet, whether you are running or walking around the neighborhood.

The shoes come with air pockets. These air pockets make these shoes perfect for walking and running.

They absorb the low-energy impact and shocks when you walk or run on hard surfaces.

The On Cloud shoes come with mesh fabric. Not many running shoes have this incredible feature.

These shoes are quite different from other cushions because their fabric is breathable.

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That means your feet will breathe while in the shoe, and the shoe will not absorb sweat. Smelly feet and shoes result from sweat in the shoe with no breathing space.

Many people love On Cloud shoes since they come with a trendy and unique design. The outstanding design makes them expensive.

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You can rock these shoes with casual outfits if you are not running in them.

Some come in alluring color combinations and designs that will give you a professional look.

These shoes also have extended warranty periods.

Unlike most other running shoes, the On Cloud shoes offer you a one-year guarantee.

That means you have one year to use the shoes and if they do not meet your expectations, you can return them to get your money back.

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Conclusion: Why Are On Clouds So Expensive?

You may wonder why are On Cloud shoes so expensive, but it is simply because of the features the shoes come with.

They will offer you comfort and superb usability whether you want them for strolling or running.

At this point, you should have a clear understanding of why are On Cloud shoes so expensive.

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