How Long Do On Cloud Shoes Last? 500 Miles?

How long do On Cloud shoes last

The On Cloud shoes last between 300 and 500 miles in the right conditions before being compromised. However, other factors determine the durability of On Cloud shoes, such as weight, running style, the surface you run on, the material used, and the model.

How long do On Cloud shoes last?

For instance, Cloudflash is intended for fast, short runs, and therefore they won’t have the same life span as an all-day shoe.

With the new CloudTec sole, On Cloud shoes gives a more smooth fit than before.

The latest structural innovations such as increased grips, modified central channels, and Cloud elements make the shoes suitable for daily business.

The latest On Cloud shoes have V-molded heels and slabs with dual-density materials to give freedom and comfort to your feet.

The On Cloud shoes have been tested in various landscapes and seasons.

There are perfect On Cloud shoes for racing, training, and daily activities.

For example, Cloudventure shoes are perfect for trail running since they have added grip for rocky and wet runs.

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How Long Do On Running Shoes Last?

The On Cloud running shoes should last for about 500 to 750 km (300 to 500 miles) before they are worn out.

The On Cloud running shoes are built to run fast on-road and on track.

The shoes are true to size, breathable, durable, have no lace bite, and are perfect for distances ranging between 5 and 10 km.

However, just like other shoes, several factors affect the durability of On Cloud running shoes. Some include:

1. Terrain

Where you run, whether on a track, rail, or the road, are significant factors that determine the life span of your shoes.

Road running is standard for most shoes, but other terrains require specific shoes.

Runners go through different landscapes with dirt-covered roads and rocky hills, exposing shoe soles to a different environment.

In essence, you should match your On Cloud running shoes to the terrain they were made for so that they can stay for a long.

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2. Style

The kind of foot strike also determines the life span of your running shoes.

If you want to know the impact of your foot strike, pick your shoes and look on the side of the sole that is most worn out:

  • heel,
  • middle,
  • or front.

Determining your running style will enable you to pick the running shoe that fits your style.

Forefoot Striker: This is a foot strike familiar to most hill runners and sprinters. Your shoes are mainly worn out first on the outer front side of the shoe or beneath the big toe.

The outer sole will be damaged, exposing the midsoles and sometimes even the foot.

Midfoot: This is the area in the middle of your foot that wears just like the forefoot.

Heel Striker: This is a familiar running style for long-distance road runners.

Statistically, heel striker runners are more likely to replace their shoes fast than mid and forefoot strikers.

Although the rest of the shoe looks stable, excess worn down of the heel may compromise your ankle and foot by reducing support, leading to injuries.

However, there is no right style for running. The key is understanding your running style to determine which types of shoes suit you.

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3. Runner’s build

Who are you? What are your height and weight?

Weight and elevation play a significant role in determining how long your running pair of shoes will last.

Most running shoes are made in a way that they accommodate an average runner.

So, this means that if you are heavier than the “average runner” your shoes are more likely to wear fast than that of a person who fits the average runner or is lighter than you.

The same case applies in terms of shorter and taller runners.

If your build varies significantly from the average, the On Cloud running shoes with increased support will suit you.

If you are unsure, you should always consult before purchasing so that your shoes can last longer.

How Long Do Other Running Shoes Last Compared to On Cloud Shoes?

Nike running shoes

Nike is one of the superior running shoe brands.

According to Nike engineers, Nike running shoes last for a minimum of 200 to 300 miles.

This is not supposed to mean that you should dispose of your shoe if it exceeds the mark and is still in good condition.

Similarly, the same factors that determine the durability of On Cloud shoes apply to Nike shoes.

Most Nike shoes use Flyknit Upper construction, meaning in some areas of the shoe, yarn is woven tightly while other regions are loose.

The loose weave on the shoe allows it to flex with your foot, while the tight gives support in areas where need it.

Adidas running shoes

The average lifespan of Adidas running shoes is 500 kilometers.

Adidas is one of the oldest brands, and recently it has developed Adidas running where you can trace your runs to know how many kilometers you have covered.

Adidas has different types of running shoes to fit your style.

Adidas running keeps you updated on your shoes’ life span, and if you have already reached the 500 km mark, the app will suggest you start looking for a new pair of shoes.

Brook running shoes

Brook running shoes have a lifespan of 300 to 500 miles if used correctly.

Brook offers a replacement if you experience a performance reduction during this period.

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HOKA running shoes

HOKA and On Cloud shoes have similar models and features for all runners:

  • ultramarathoners,
  • new runners,
  • high arched,
  • or flat-footed.

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Both brands are newer to the market, and while On Cloud recommends swapping your shoes after 310 to 460 miles, HOKA is reported to last longer.

Both brands have shoes that give support, stability, comfort, and cushion.

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Conclusion: How Long Do On Cloud Shoes Last?

Apart from the stated lifespan of different brands of running shoes, other factors such as weight, gait, and whether you run on the trail or the road determine how long your shoes will last.

It is not just enough to look at the durability of your On Cloud shoes online and expect it to heat the mark when you are not using them for the intended purpose.

So why not buy a pair and try those out yourself?

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