Why Do My On Cloud Shoes Squeak? 7 Reasons

Why do my On Cloud shoes squeak

There is nothing as annoying as your shoes making noise as you walk down the street or in a silent room full of people. It is embarrassing and will have you feeling self-conscious with every step you take.

If you have ever had a squeaky shoe case, you know how irritating it is.

The situation becomes even direr if you operate a formal workplace or at school where the environment is generally quiet.

Why do my On Cloud shoes squeak?

Technically, there are many reasons why your shoes got to this point making noise all over the place.

You should know that the surface you walk on could be a big determiner of the noise.

A good example is when you walk on flat surfaces; you are bound to hear more squeaking compared to walking on a carpet.

That is why many people prefer carpets if they are looking for soundproofing floors.

There are several reasons why your On Cloud shoes squeak as you walk or run.

These may include:

  • Brand new shoes
  • Old shoes – wear and tear
  • Sole is smooth
  • Your shoes have water in them
  • Shoelaces could be causing the squeaking
  • You wear On Cloud shoes barefoot
  • Shoes don’t fit well

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These reasons can cause different parts of the shoes to squeak.

However, as you look to stop your shoes from squeaking, be certain whether your actions will void its warranty.

How to Stop On Cloud Shoes Squeaking?

New shoes

If you own brand new On Cloud running shoes that squeak, it means the soles could be too smooth.

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When you were a kid, do you remember how you would glide on the slippery floors?

That screeching noise produced was because of soft rubber soles. There are new rubber soles that are smooth and will make some noise, especially if you walk on smooth material.

However, this situation may not last long because the smooth sole will wear away.

When you start walking on rougher terrain, the noise will be gone.

This rubber will wear off and go with the noise. If you notice too much noise, you may consider exchanging them for a different pair.

If you do not know how to fix them properly, you might end up voiding your warranty. It is better to exchange the shoes rather than try to fix them.

Dry your shoes on the inside

Water is one of the primary reasons your shoes may be squeaking as you walk or run. There are different ways you can dry the inside of your shoes.

Those may include:

  • Putting your shoes inside an airing cupboard
  • Filling the shoes with newspaper
  • Placing silica gels packets in the shoes

Silica gel and newspaper will easily absorb all the dampness in the shoes and leave them dry on the inside.

Also, consider placing the On Cloud shoes in a warm place. That could be an airing cupboard or a laundry room.

This will speed the process of drying their inner part.

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That is an effective and easy way to dry up the shoes.

Use Talcum Powder

Talcum powder consists of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen.

When these elements are combined, they create a great powder at reducing friction and absorbing moisture.

Moisture is one of the top causes of squeaking shoes.

Water may sip between your shoe parts and make them rub together, producing noise. It may find its way into the sole and insole, which will lead to squeaking.

Make sure you remove the insole and then loosen your laces. After that, you need to apply talcum powder where you see and feel some moisture has accumulated.

Feel with your finger all around the inside of your shoe to discover any dampness in the shoe.

This method is excellent if you have sweaty feet and the powder is easy to apply.

Here is a great demonstration of this method in a video format.

Video made by: Footwear News

Put the shoes in a tumble dryer

Consider putting the On Cloud shoes in a tumble dryer to dry them thoroughly, and this could solve your squeaking issue.

However, you need to understand that tumble dryers were not made for drying shoes.

If you are not careful, you may damage the On Cloud shoes.

As you use this method, be very careful. If you are going to do it, do not dry your brand new shoes you love using this method.

Use a low heat setting to dry the On Cloud shoes. However, a great option and alternative to this method would be drying the shoes in the sun.

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Use waterproof spray

In case your shoes are not leather-made, polishing them would not be an option.

You could use a hydrophobic spray to keep out damp. Kiwi and Scotchgard are ideal and popular for hydrophobic spray products.

The spray will protect the On Cloud shoes from any liquids and reduce any chances of squeaking. The spray is effective in waterproofing the shoes.

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Enhance the shoe’s traction

Brand new shoes that squeak can be returned to the manufacturer for another pair before the warranty period is over.

However, you could consider roughing up the soles to remove the smooth rubber. You can easily do it via several ways that may include:

  • Spray the On Cloud shoes with grip adhesive
  • Sand your sole
  • Use dryer sheet

If you decide to sand the shoes, use gentle sanding paper.

Look for fine-grain sandpaper from the hardware store and smooth the shoes lightly.

If you have leather shoes, your touch ought to be gentler when you use 60 grit sandpaper.

You could also use rubber sole spray to enhance the shoe’s traction.

For example, you could get a Bare Ground spray for leather or rubber shoes. Follow all the instructions as you do this to avoid damaging your running shoes.

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Conclusion: Why Do My On Clouds Squeak?

Squeaking On Cloud shoes are never comfortable, especially if you walk or run in a quiet environment.

There are different reasons why your On Cloud shoes squeak.

The good thing about it is that there are ways you can fix this issue.

Be very careful as you repair your shoes since you can easily damage them, and your warranty will not cater to that.

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