Are Brooks Shoes Waterproof? The Answer Is Here

Are Brooks Shoes Waterproof

With Brooks shoes, the weather won’t hold you from regular runs and walks. This brand is also committed to sustainability.

Whether you need a shoe for road or trail running, you can get a pair that suits you best.

Some of the features that keep the brand ahead of the game are durability and lightweight construction, to mention a few.

This brings us to the question, Are Brooks shoes waterproof?

Brooks shoes are engineered with a mesh for breathability but will keep your feet dry.

For instance, Brooks Ghost 15 features a Gore-Tex membrane to keep water at bay.

It’s the best choice for runners who want to enjoy a high level of cushioning and a plush experience.

This is what keeps the feet dry, no matter how bad the weather is.

Waterproof running shoes will keep your feet warm as you go through puddles.

While Brooks shoes are not 100% water-resistant, you don’t have to hop from one stone to another as you cross the streams.

No matter your style, ride, or fit, you can find a pair that suits you best.

This post will discuss the waterproofing ability of Brooks to help you make a worthwhile investment.

What Brooks Shoes Are Waterproof?

Depending on where you stay, you should choose lightweight and weatherproof sneakers to keep your feet dry. The waterproofing ability will last the lifespan – unless you create a hole.

Brooks Ghost 15 comes with a waterproof upper to prevent moisture from entering.

No matter what you subject the shoes to, occasional splash won’t splash through the collar.

The lining keeps the water out and slows the draining process.

Generally, the waterproof membrane works like a delay timer.

This model repels wetness and works better than open footwear. You can use it to jump over narrow streams or under the rain.

Additionally, the Ghosts come with a built-in rock plate to absorb the impact on every stride.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 also takes care of all the sweet details. Every single groove is there for a reason.

It features a waterproof membrane to stay dry during those rainy days.

It is integrated directly into the membrane, so you don’t have to wear the shoe in mud or snow again.

The outsole, on the other hand, won’t slip on wet surfaces – the durable rubber material provides a strong grip on varied terrain.

The tread pattern also gives supreme traction on varying surfaces.

Whether you run or take a walk, the waterproofing ability of GTS 22 will completely protect your feet.

These two models will keep your feet warm, so you’re less susceptible to cold-related issues.

You also observe good hygiene – this keeps your toes from contaminants and bacteria, among other things.

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Conclusion: What Brooks Shoes Are Waterproof?

During those chilly months, you need specialized gear for outdoor activities. But you don’t have to let your running shoes cancel your workout.

With Brooks, you’ll stay on top for every season. The Ghost 15 and Adrenaline GTS 22 are a good fit for trail running.

They come with extra grip to move over muddy trails and slick grass. Whatever model you choose, you can be confident there’s a shoe that fits your running style.

You can now rock your favorite kicks while protecting your feet from drizzles, drips, and occasional dunks in the puddle.

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