Do On Cloud Shoes Stretch? 3 Great Tips for You

Do On Cloud shoes stretch

Having a comfortable On Cloud shoe that fits well is crucial for your comfort and health. On Cloud shoes that don’t fit well can cause leg and back pain.

Do On Cloud shoes stretch?

If you recently bought a pair of your On Cloud shoes and are experiencing blisters and sore feet, don’t worry because On Cloud shoes do stretch.

Your shoe needs to undergo a breaking process to fit your legs.

The On Cloud shoes are made for comfort and with soft cashmere leather. You will definitely feel the easement when you wear it for the first time.

Nevertheless, all feet are not the same; some may need to stretch in their On Cloud shoes before enjoying the comfort.

The On Cloud shoes are made from natural leather; as the leather adapts to your feet, they will stretch.

It will take some time to stretch a new pair of shoes while wearing them normally.

The stretch period also referred to as the breaking process might last three weeks until the On Cloud shoe feels comfortable and perfectly molded to your feet.

The stretch process indicates a quality leather shoe that will be durable. It is a process that guarantees you satisfaction and comfort in the long run.

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The shoes loosen up to deform around the foot, which never fitted.

Do On Cloud Shoes Stretch Out?

The On Cloud shoes don’t stretch out, but they do deform around the foot, meaning the shoe did not fit at first.

The midsole of your On Cloud shoes supports your entire feet. This implies that no part of the foot should protrude over the side of the midsole.

If it happens, the upper of the shoe will keep back the protruding part of the foot.

The upper part of the On Cloud shoes is meant to keep the foot securely in the midsole but not keep the foot suspended in the air.

When the shoe’s upper part is stretched out of its original shape, it will be deformed and will no longer perform as designed.

Many upgrades have been done to On Cloud shoes to ensure it retains their original shape in recent years.

One of the most significant transformations of the On shoes is in its central channel.

The channel has been widened and the inner part of the Cloud elements redirected from the channel to form a “Y” like shape.

The current design frees the thread of the sole from picking up something on your run, which may distort the shape of your shoes.

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The newly designed Cloud elements also mean that you can wear your shoe for a long time since they create a natural spiral dynamic of your foot.

They are also rounded to facilitate smoother roll motion and transition.

Secondly, they have increased the grip pads along the forefoot and heel, where the most energy is applied, to keep you in control in rough or wet conditions.

There is also another upgrade where a new sock liner has been added inside the shoes.

The sock line is made of dual-density materials that adapt quickly to the shape of your foot, making itself well-fitted for the inside.

Another upgrade is the On Cloud Speedboard inside the shoes.

The Speedboard has been extended at the back and now runs out from inside the shoe. This gives extra support for the newly shaped sole channel and heel to ensure they don’t stretch out.

The outside of the On Cloud shoes is an overlaid finely stitched mesh with a new single-piece covering that creates an outer part that is supportive, simple, and cannot stretch out.

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The Cloud tongue is designed to cushion and smoothly allow the shoe to be slipped on and off without exerting pressure on the top of the foot which can cause pain and stretch out the shoe.

In addition to width and length, a foot has depth, and there are those feet that are extraordinarily deep.

You will find instances where the shoe is not deep enough to accommodate the foot, which may stretch out the shoe.

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The On Cloud shoes have different lacing techniques to accommodate different feet to avoid this.

The lace loop has been modified for those who prefer the traditional lacing system.

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What Is the Best Way to Stretch Shoes?

There are zero identical pairs of feet but millions of matching pairs of shoes. Your feet are slightly different from the other person’s feet.

Therefore, every pair of On Cloud shoes will take some adjustments on behalf of the feet to fit them in.

Sometimes the shoes will be not long enough, too narrow, or will be a bit snug.

The question is, do On Cloud shoes stretch?

Here are tips on stretching your On Cloud shoes so that they don’t ruin your feet or the shoes.

1. Wear your On Cloud shoes all-day

Every day, wear your shoes with super thick socks for a few hours. The shoes will finally stretch out, and there will be no more rubbing or blisters.

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This process can be done in the comfort of your house, so you don’t have to walk in pain. This method is the easiest and the simplest of all.

2. The hair dryer method

If you feel some tightness at a specific part of your shoes, wear your shoes with thick socks – wool socks work well.

Then grab your hairdryer over the tight spot for 20 to 30 seconds.

Maintain enough distance between the shoe and the dryer to avoid burning your feet.

Then to loosen the material, take a quick walk around the room while the material is still flexible and hot.

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3. Stuff potatoes in your shoes

This is a ridiculous method, but it still works.

Grab a big potato and peel it; mold the potato front to resemble the inside front part of your shoes.

Stuff in the potato and let it stay overnight. The potato should loosen the shoe a little bit.

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Conclusion: Do On Cloud Shoes Stretch?

There are various methods for stretching your On Cloud shoes as mentioned above.

The On Cloud shoe that doesn’t fit your feet will stretch or deform as the leather adjusts to your feet.

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