Are On Cloud Shoes Comfortable or Not?

Are On Cloud shoes comfortable

When it comes to choosing the best running shoe, comfort comes first. But with so many brands out there, selecting the right footwear can be a bewildering experience.

Some come with a midsole for comfort while others use a plush upper.

This brings us to the question, are On Cloud shoes comfortable?

These shoes are so comfortable that you’d like to go for a run. You also get the right support during intense activities.

The On Clouds are ultra-agile to handle those punishing surfaces. They perform well on the street, on track, and gym.

Before you invest your money, try to find a sweet spot on the level of comfort.

To start with, the upper features soft materials and lots of cushioning. Secondly, the shoe should be designed to propel forward with less strain.

Reasons Why On Cloud Shoes Are Comfortable

Thick form midsole

The On Cloud shoes feature plenty of cushioning to make you comfortable.

Their patented CloudTec technology guarantees soft landings during explosive takeoffs. The pods are also designed to react and adapt to every stride.

As the cushion compresses under your weight, the pods spring back.

If you take a closer look at the outsole, you’ll notice the edges slice off. This is what keeps small stones from getting caught in the pods.

Furthermore, On Clouds come with a closed front and back to take the most downforce when walking.

Another update with the On Clouds is a midsole with Zero-Gravity foam. This makes the shoe slightly higher on the ground without compromising your comfort.

The shoe you choose should flex with the way your foot moves.

Breathable upper

Do your feet overheat? The On Clouds are engineered by a mesh upper to enhance breathability.

Some come with a plastic-coated cap for extra protection. This provides athletes with a bit of stretch while feeling relaxed and well-ventilated.

The upper is also extremely responsive for those who want to pick up the pace on runs.

On Cloud can also be an everyday working shoe for cross-training. You can wear them to work, during impromptu runs, and at the gym.

Modern versions fit and stretch in all the appropriate places.

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Wide toe box

On Clouds have a wide toe box and keep the heel locked in. It fits snugly as a long-distance shoe.

Other than that, the toe box feels airy to suit the needs of those who want an active lifestyle.

Heel cushioning

If you prefer more contact with the ground, you can’t go wrong with the On Cloud. Be sure to consider your comfort when browsing your preferences.

These shoes have the appropriate cushion to protect your ligaments, muscles, and tendons from hard surfaces.

If the shoe feels a bit off when you try it the first time, it will feel worse on a run.

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Right fit

Most On Cloud shoes fit true to size. If you jump between half sizes, you may want to go a half size up.

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To ensure your comfort, you should be clear about the environment you want to use your On Clouds.

If you’re exercising, hiking, or running, that can make a difference in your fit.

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If the shoes are too small or too big, they can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, most On shoes feature a classic fit.

Heel-to-toe drop

The On Clouds have a heel-to-toe drop between 6mm and 8mm.

Not to mention, the removable insole can suit different feet types. The shoe also features an ankle collar to hold the heel in place.

So before you choose a specific design, you should check how the padding interacts with your feet.

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Lightweight design

On Clouds are lightweight shoes. It’s something you can quickly notice if you haven’t held them before.

You’ll appreciate the lightweight design if you’re used to morning jogging and trail running.

Arch support

The best On Cloud shoe is designed to promote a breathable barefoot.

You’ll be surprised how your feet will be supported. For example, the Cloudflyer feels comfortable on pronated feet.

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Speed lacing system

The speed lacing system offers a quick and comfortable fit.

Instead of the traditional shoe laces, this design allows you to set your own tightness.

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Conclusion: Are On Cloud Shoes Comfortable?

Whether you’re planning to start your mile-a-day or getting ready for your next marathon, you should invest in a comfortable running shoe.

The On Cloud shoes are stylish and super comfortable. Once you find a well-fitting shoe, you’ll feel much better on every run.

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