Are Brooks Shoes Slip Resistant? 3 Things to Check

Are Brooks shoes slip resistant

The shoes you wear can make or break your day. According to CDC, slips are the second most common non-fatal injuries.

That said, protective footwear is vital as it prevents those debilitating sprains, injuries, strains, fractures, and torn muscles.

The best shoes are designed for performance runs and excel in other areas.

Are Brooks shoes slip resistant?

The simple answer is no. Brooks shoes are not designed to meet the specifications required for certified skid resistance.

Still, they provide a better grip, making them the perfect footwear, for example, for nurses and doctors.

These shoes have durable antiskid soles to walk on greasy, wet, and slippery floors.

This means that you don’t have to choose between slip-resistant shoes and fashionable footwear. Brooks offers the best of both worlds.

Brooks takes the safety of their customers seriously. Their outsoles feature grippy treads to prevent accidental falls as you walk.

Additionally, these shoes adhere to the highest standards of durability. Here are the reasons to buy Brooks shoes:

  • Superior comfort – Brooks is lightweight, soft, and durable.
  • Enhanced traction – The special cushioning keeps you on slippery tiles and hardwood floors. You can also wear the shoes on all-weather.
  • Low maintenance – No matter where you walk, these shoes will look their best.

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What Does the Bottom of Slip-Resistant Shoes Look Like?

Slip-resistant outsole

Slip-resistant shoes feature a sole made of high-traction materials. They also come with interlocked patterns to prevent slipping on different surfaces.

Generally, the enclosed thread pattern ensures there’s no space for liquids to get into contact with the outsole.

If you look closely, you’ll notice squiggles, circles, or hexagons on the bottom. These patterns generate friction to ensure the foot is secure in any position.

Apart from that, slip-resistant shoes have an internal support system that stabilizes the feet in hazardous environments.

How Can You Tell a Shoe Is Slip-Resistant?

Slip-resistant outsole 2

The easiest way to tell if the shoe is slip-resistant is to check the labels. Moreover, it should meet the ASTM standards.

This is what makes them great on wet and oily surfaces. The more grooves a shoe has, the better the grip. Simply put, you get better control.

A typical flat shoe allows liquids to get underneath, leading to slips and falls. A slip-resistant shoe won’t trap water underneath that may interfere with the grip.

Rubber sole

Slip-resistant shoes come with a durable EVA outsole. But it comes down to the perfect combination of the tread rubber pattern and sturdy rubber sole.

Additionally, the shoes come with an extra layer of foam for additional slip resistance.

Think about it – outside surfaces can be slippery due to varying weather conditions. If you’re walking on ice or snow, non-slip shoes will ensure safe footing.

One of the reasons you should wear non-slip shoes is to maintain balance.

The wrong shoes can lead to falls on uneven terrain in nature, icy sidewalk, or construction site.

Here are ways to check if the footwear is non-slip or not:

  • Check the outsole – You should see some bumps and grooves. This is what gives that extra grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Tag – It indicates the approval stamp for slip resistance. A good indicator is a certification from National Floor Safety Institute.
  • Customer reviews – Happy customers will always leave positive reviews. They will even indicate how the shoes perform on slippery surfaces. After all, you want to feel safe when walking on challenging terrain.

While Brooks shoes are easy to maintain, you can use some hacks to keep your feet stable. If you want to increase traction, you can apply some spray.

It’s a strategy to rejuvenate the traction of your shoes.

If the sole is relatively new, you can create some gripping pattern to add traction.

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Conclusion: Are Brooks Shoes Slip Resistant?

If you doubt if the shoes are slip-resistant, you should walk in them. Most shop floors are slippery so you can examine the non-slip level.

Alternatively, you can run the hand on the outsole. If the fit feels too sleek, you should try the next pair.

Brooks shoes guarantee safety no matter the surface you walk on. Your heels, toes, calves, and ankles will be free of pain all day.

Whether you wear the shoe on wet tiles or under the rain, you’ll be impressed by the traction.

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