Are On Cloud Shoes Vegan and Plant-Based?

Are On Cloud shoes vegan

Are you looking for ways to build a cruelty-free wardrobe? Think of it as a wise investment that animals will appreciate.

Most brands that specialize in running shoes are slowly moving to eco-friendly materials. If you’re just beginning your fitness journey, you may want to consider vegan shoes.

You need comfortable footwear that supports every stride.

So Are On Cloud shoes vegan?

Some models are now 100 % animal-friendly. The Swiss brand focuses on recycled bio-based polyester.

Cloud Terry is a smart option for those looking for vegan shoes. It’s designed as lightweight footwear for daily commutes, short runs, and training sessions.

This shoe features a Terry fabric tongue that feels like cotton. In addition, the footwear comes in two types of leather perforated at the heel and smooth on the sides.

A dot-patterned sock liner adds to the unique styling. Needless to say, this shoe is part cotton for all-day comfort.

Cloudsurfer is also a vegan-friendly option. It’s a sixth-generation road shoe that fits true to size.

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In its purest form, this shoe comes with engineered mesh to ensure the perfect balance of security and breathability.

If you’re looking for a fast racing shoe, On Cloudflow is another vegan-friendly option. These shoes are light and responsive.

They are made of re-engineered Speedboard and come with gravity pods to boost acceleration. Plus, they are cushioned to help you race in comfort.

Which Shoe Brands Are Vegan?

As vegan fashion continues to gain momentum, brands are now transparent with their supply chains.

Here are some fashion shoe brands you can choose from:


This brand uses thoughtfully sustainable materials like organic cotton, rubber, wood, and cork.

Bhava vegan leather is free from PVC, formaldehyde, chrome, azo dyes, and phthalates.

It recognizes the importance of comfortable shoes using unique styles and colors.

If you’re a big fan of heels and clogs, you can enjoy this beautiful footwear. Bhava’s line of vegan shoes will keep your conscience clean without shattering the glass ceilings.

Matt & Nat

This brand crafts beautifully vegan shoes with recycled windshield glass, cork, and recycled plastic bottles.

Matt & Nat has a wide range of shoes – from vegan sneakers to comfortable shoes.


This company continues to examine its carbon footprint and raise standards for eco-friendly practices.

For example, the Jefferson style is derived from algae biomass as a plastic alternative. Compared to the footprint of most shoes, the Native brand is much lower.

One material commonly used is bio-based EVA, recycled PTE upper, and corn-based PU.

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These stunning shoes are beautifully designed with rich colors. Each comes with a message – handmade in Brazil.

Ahimsa believes in respecting all forms of life.


This is a short name for No Animal Exploitation. It’s one of the best ethical vegan shoe brands with several unisex options.

For more than a decade, NAE has amassed a global following for PETA-approved vegan shoes.

NAE uses recycled materials like apple leather, organic cotton, recycled PET, and a corn-R PET blend.

The shoes are also made of more sustainable materials like PLA, synthetic microfiber, and polyurethane.

Other than that, the manufacturing process is neutral, so steps are taken to minimize chemical requirements.

Stella McCartney

This is arguably one of the biggest brands in sustainable fashion. It features ethically sourced wool products that offer lots of vegan options.

Stella pairs well with flats, boots, heels, and vegan saddles. McCartney shoes feature organic cotton, sustainably grown wood, and recycled nylon.

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Rothy’s is putting people first with its durable and eco-friendly materials.

They use materials like luxe vegan leather, bio-based TPU, and non-toxic rubber. Also, this brand uses traditional knitting methods to cut 30 % of waste.

Golden Goose

This is a vegan-friendly shoe brand that consists of running shoes, low-cut vegan sneakers, and more.

These shoes are available in stylish designs.

Instead of petroleum-based leather, the upper features 100 % sustainable recycled cotton and polyester.


Brooks gives you the best running mate to improve every stride. It aims to build greenhouse emissions through the use of sustainable materials.

They have a range of vegan-friendly shoes.

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Conclusion: Are On Cloud Shoes Vegan?

When shopping for running shoes, there are plenty of vegan options out there.

Many of us overlook the fact that some shoes feature materials that are not environmentally conscious.

While the above brands will help you live sustainably, On Cloud shoes are becoming more vegan-friendly.

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