How to Spot Fake On Cloud Shoes from 7 Signs?

How to spot fake On Cloud shoes

On Cloud is one of the most popular shoe brands in the world right now. The manufacturer won’t allow anyone to put their shoes on sale.

If you’ve come across sites that offer these shoes – they are probably fake. Maybe you’re wondering how to spot fake On Cloud shoes.

Well, a fake shoe imitates the original design using cheap materials. The good news is that you can spot the fakes no matter how good the designers are.

The easiest way to spot fake On Cloud shoes is by making a visual inspection.

To start with, the midsole features lightweight materials. The original midsole of the On Cloud shoes is glued – not stitched.

Secondly, the outsole features low-quality rubber. On Clouds feature a high-grade outer rubber for better traction and support.

If you see some glue stains on the shoe, that means the shoe didn’t go through rigorous inspection.

Another way to check if the shoes are fake is by comparing the right shoe with the left one. Normally, genuine On Cloud shoes will have the same height.

If one sits higher than the rest, they are probably fake.

This guide will help shoe lovers determine whether a shoe is legit or fake.

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Are There Fake On Cloud Shoes?

Yes. Before we dive into this topic, let me give you some headlines on On Cloud shoes.

Original On Cloud shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and fit well. They come with a durable upper, while the midsole offers more support.

A fake On Cloud shoe will have a questionable UPC. This is a number that matches the style, design, and size. Every pair will have a unique number.

If some details are missing or don’t match, that’s a fake.

The packaging

Original On Cloud shoes come in an original box. For the fake ones, the boxes are glued together and are not as sturdy as the original ones.

Look at the condition of the shoes

If you’ve owned On Clouds before, there’s no question of quality. A fake On Cloud shoe will fall off after several days of use.

As mentioned earlier, the midsole of fake shoes will have visible dots from the flawed manufacturing process.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the laces. A fake shoe tends to skip some holes.

Try the shoe

An original On Cloud shoe fits true to size. A fake shoe will be a size bigger or smaller compared to the originals.

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Check the website

Even without doing some random domain check, the way a website is presented can tell whether you’re about to be ripped off.

Unrealistic price

The On Cloud shoes have a standard pricing model. The original website will indicate the price of every model.

If the price is too good to be true, that’s probably a fake product. A general rule is to avoid anything far below the normal value.

Even when the manufacturer offers a discount, the price should not be too far from the original price.

Check the official release date

The On keeps manufacturing new versions to suit the demand. If you find out a shoe is available for sale before the official release date, it’s fake.

The challenge is that the manufacturer will always release photos of the upcoming designs.

Those who sell fake products will even model a shoe that looks like the original one.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re getting a pair before everyone else. When in doubt, double-check the photo on the official retailer website.

Avoid shoes that claim to be variant or custom

Most On Cloud women’s shoes range from US sizes 5 to 11.

For some reason, a website claims it offers sizes 13 and above, it’s fake. Avoid any shoe labeled “variant”.

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Conclusion: How to Tell If On Clouds Are Fake?

As with other brands, there are reports some retailers sell fake On Cloud shoes. If you’re not careful, you may end up a victim.

Thankfully, there are many ways to spot original and fake footwear.

When in doubt, you can always confirm the authenticity from the official website.

That said, you should pay attention to the price, sizes, boxing, and color combinations.

We recommend that you always buy your shoes from here.

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