On Cloud Shoes Sizing – The Best Guide Out There

On Cloud shoes sizing

Are you struggling to find your On Cloud shoe size? This article has all the information you need to know about On Cloud Shoes sizing.

The On Cloud shoes use the Mondopoint sizing system, meaning each full size is the same precisely 1 cm in length.

For the best fit, it is recommended that you shop your On Cloud shoes using the United States sizes or Mondo sizes.

The On Cloud US sizes are true to size, and there is no need to go up or down a size.

The UK On Cloud women’s sizes similarly are true to size, and there is no need to go up or down a size.

But, the UK On Cloud men’s sizes run half a size too small. If you need a UK size 10, buy an On Cloud UK 10.5 instead, equivalent to mondo 29.

The shoe Mondopoint size is the length of the insole of your shoe measured in centimeters.

To calculate your size, look for a pair of shoes that fits you well.

Remove the innersole and measure from the extreme tip of the heel to the end of the toe using a steel measuring tape.

That will be your On Cloud size or Mondopoint size.

It can be challenging to find the best fit in your shoes, but knowing your Mondo or referring to the On Cloud shoe guide chart will ensure you get the best fit.

You should go up a half size if you are between sizes.

In most cases, women’s On Cloud shoes are straightforward in a way that they can wear the same size as their favorite shoes.

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Are On Cloud Shoes True to Size?

Generally, On Cloud shoes are true to size.

Even so, On Cloud Shoes come in different supports, styles, and sizes.

You should figure out the environment and the purpose of your shoe before settling on the shoe size.

The company recommends going a size up from your regular size for the On Cloud waterproof running shoes to enjoy a relaxed style.

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For example, if you buy standard footwear and your size is 6.7 or 7, buy On Cloud shoe size 6.7 and 7, respectively.

If you want to purchase waterproof footwear and your size is 6.5 or 7, buy On Cloud shoe sizes 7.5 and 8, respectively.

On Cloud shoes also comes with elastic laces making them quick and easy to slip off and on fit. The elastic laces create an excellent fit around your foot.

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Do On Cloud shoes run small?

If you buy your first pair of On men’s or women’s Cloud shoes, add 0.5 or 1 cm to your regular size since On Cloud shoes can run small.

The shoe does run small since it has hollow little pods or CloudTec that run through the sole to disperse and cushion pressure.

Cloud elements disappear to cushion your stride during the landing but pop up back quickly to enable push-off.

Do On Cloud shoes run big?

It is normal if you are experiencing some tightness, blisters, or rubbing in some area of your new On Cloud shoes.

The shoes need a breaking process.

The breaking process signifies that your On Cloud shoe will last. It is standard for high-quality On Cloud shoes and guarantees satisfaction and comfort.

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The On Cloud shoes are made of natural leather, meaning they will stretch as the shoe adapts to your feet.

The footwear will stretch out a little bit to fit your foot better with time.

Recommendations when buying your On Cloud shoes:

  • Cloud Waterproof – go one size bigger
  • Cloud X – go true to size
  • Cloud 5 – go true to size
  • Cloudflow – go true to size
  • Cloudswift – go 0.5 bigger
  • Cloudflyer – go true to size
  • Cloudstratus – go true to size

Note that both Cloudflyer and Cloudstratus slightly fit wider feet than the majority of the On Running models.

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On Cloud Sizing vs. Nike

There is a significant difference between On Cloud shoes and Nike sizing.

Despite being known for running small, Nike shoes are true to size.

However, its sizing may differ from On Cloud shoes, but the sizes are pretty close to the average.

The discrepancies between On Cloud shoes and Nike can be half to full size. For example, in US men’s and women’s sizes, the following are the variances:

Men’s sizes

  1. With a foot length of 260mm, the On Cloud shoe is size 8 while the Nike shoe is size 9.
  2. With a 270mm foot length, the On Cloud shoe is size 9 while the Nike shoe is size 10.
  3. With a foot length of 280mm, the On Cloud shoe is size 10 while the Nike shoe is size 11

Women’s sizes

  1. With a foot length of 230mm, the On Cloud shoe is size 6 while the Nike shoe is size 6.5
  2. With a foot length of 240mm, the On Cloud shoe is size 7 while the Nike shoe is size 7.5
  3. With a 250mm foot length, the On Cloud shoe is size 8 while the Nike shoe is size 8.5

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As much as the two brands try to keep consistent sizing for all the models, discrepancies still occur.

The overall construction, design elements, and materials all impact the sizing.

The majority of Nike shoes are not very friendly for wider feet. Less than 5 percent of Nike shoes are available in extra wide or wide-width options.

All unisex shoes from Nike are based on men’s sizes. Ladies need to purchase 1.5 US size smaller shoes than the standard women-specific size.

For instance, the US women’s number 7 converts to men’s size 5.5 in unisex shoes.

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How Should On Cloud Shoes Fit?

Study shows that around 70 percent of people walk with ill-fitted shoes.

Before purchasing your On Cloud shoe, it is recommended to measure your foot length.

If you already have a running shoe from another brand, this does not mean that you will automatically need the same size when you want to buy On Cloud shoes.

Measure your foot length and pick your shoes from the shoe centimeter (cm) measurement.

This is how to calculate your centimeter measurement:

  1. On the floor, put a piece of paper with one edge against a wall.
  2. Put your leg on the paper with the heel against the wall.
  3. Mark the end of your longest toe and then calculate the distance from the mark to the paper’s edge.
  4. To your measured length, add 1 to 1,5 cm depending on the amount of air you want for your toes.
  5. Using the centimeter measurement, pick your shoe size that gets closer to the number you got.

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Conclusion: On Cloud Shoes Sizing

The On Cloud shoes are true to size. Since its foundation in 2010, the shoe has won millions of committed clients worldwide.

The success secret of On Cloud shoes is the simple idea of cushioned landing and firm take-off.

The On Cloud shoes come in different models, but as much as the company may try to find consistency in all brand sizes, some variances will always arise.

That’s because of the design elements, the overall construction, and the materials used to make the shoe.

Compared to other brands like Nike, most On Cloud shoes are true to size.

However, it is advisable to have your measurement before purchasing your shoe since the different brands have varying measurements.

At this point, you should know whether do On Cloud shoes fit true to size or not.

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