Why Are Brooks Shoes So Ugly? 4 Obvious Reasons

Why are Brooks shoes so ugly

Running shoes are designed to provide stability and proper cushioning to your feet. While most brands are aesthetically fine, Brooks is a little offensive to the eyes.

This brings us to the question, why are Brooks shoes so ugly?

To some extent, these shoes look a bit tacky. Some feature complex patterns, and the colors look subtle.

Generally speaking, Brooks running shoes are designed to last hundreds of miles, so you can get a new pair every few months.

For many folks, aesthetics is not a priority. What matters most is the comfort and functionality of the footwear.

Whether you find the colors appealing is a matter of personal preference. Here are the reasons to justify the looks.

Shoes need to grab your attention

In an insanely crowded marketplace, Brooks wants to be noticed. The designers appear to be a no-holds-barred battle.

The layers, panels, ridges, welts, grooves, cutouts, mesh, and stripes can result in the tackiest-looking product.

It’s a marketing gimmick to get the products noticed.

Think about it. The bold patterns are not to everyone’s taste.

But again, running shoes are designed to be eye-catching and visible in low-light conditions.

Shoes are complex

A few decades ago, shoes were just simple silhouettes. The laces and uppers came in a few colors.

But as demand increased, many manufacturers came in. Today, every brand wants to shine in the crowded marketplace.

If you’ve been on the lookout, Brooks appears distinct from the rest. The embellishments and new features make the shoes technically advanced.

For instance, new material is used in the midsole, and crazy design elements are added to the mix.

As such, every design appears like some technology was involved.

Brooks breaks down their shoes while thinking about a soul runner, a goal seeker, and a pace runner.

A few years ago, the manufacturer launched its spring and fall lineups. One spring model featured muted colorways but looked comfortable and wearable.

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Aesthetics is a tertiary concern for Brooks

Every runner wants to stick to a comfortable shoe. They are less concerned with looks. Instead, they focus on a model that suits their running style.

They also swap aesthetics for reliability. If you’ve ever bought Brooks running shoes, you know what I mean.

You’re greeted by a loud wall of bright colors – some can be a little intense.

According to the manufacturer, the looks are just a tertiary concern for buyers. As long as there’s a design that works, they stick to it.

Pricing is an influential factor

Brooks is a brand that operates on a good-better-best model. The color gradients and overlay means that the price point increases.

But that doesn’t mean the trend can’t change.

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Conclusion: Why Are Brooks Shoes So Ugly?

The way Brooks running shoes look is a matter of personal opinion.

They have bright patterns, thick soles, and features that make you comfortable on every stride.

Some folks find them unattractive, while others appreciate the functionality these silhouettes offer.

After all, running enthusiasts want functional shoes that make their workouts a breeze.

Don’t get discouraged, though. Brooks offers plenty of designs – keep looking for a pair that looks and feels good.

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