How to Clean On Cloud Shoes? 3 Great Options

How to clean On Cloud shoes

Keeping your On Cloud shoes clean is paramount. It gives you confidence and ensures that you are comfortable in your shoes.

You can imagine running with sand in your boots grinding on your legs like sandpaper.

This guide talks about how you can take care of and how to clean On Cloud shoes.

The shoes should not be overwashed.

However, leaving them sweaty and muddy after a run can destroy the material of the shoe, make the shoes have a bad odor, and could easily become a breeding site for molds.

There is a different kind of leather that is used to make On Cloud shoes which needs to be treated with care.

Keeping your shoes clean is not as difficult as you may imagine, but, if possible, always ensure that your shoes don’t get mud or dirt. If they do, this is how to clean On Cloud shoes.

Cleaning the On Cloud shoe outsoles:

  1. Ensure you completely dry the outsoles. This will ensure the mud stuck on the shoes comes out easily.
  2. Scrub the dried mud off the shoes. You can achieve this by beating the shoes against each other.
  3. Then hand brushes them thoroughly. You can use a running tap, scrub, and rinse until all the stubborn dirt and mud are out.

Cleaning the Upper of On Cloud Shoes:

  1. Unzip the shoelaces and clean them.
  2. Take out the liners and innersoles.
  3. Gently using a brush, remove the dirt and mud from the uppers.
  4. Using a water solution and mild soap, scrub them gently.
  5. Finally, with clean water, rinse your shoes.

Cleaning the On Cloud Insoles:

This is an area where bacteria can grow since insoles absorb a lot of sweat and can have a foul smell. They should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to avoid the above outcome.

  1. Pick your mixture, whether water paste/baking soda or mild soap or mix water with vinegar. It depends on personal taste.
  2. Brush, rinse them and leave them to air dry.

Dry the On Cloud shoes:

This is the easiest in the cleaning process.

  1. Place the shoes in low humidity and mild temperature place.
  2. The fan can be used for quick drying.
  3. You may also use a paper towel or a newspaper stuffed in the shoe to ensure it dries fast.

Please note that high temperatures or a direct heat source can damage the shape of the shoes.

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How to Wash On Cloud Shoes?

How to wash On Cloud shoes

Dirty running shoes can signify an athlete who has endured a muddy, wet, wild track and has a mark to show, or can be a sign of a runner who doesn’t take care of his shoes.

However, whether it is negligence or an expression of pride, there is the right style on how to clean On Cloud shoes.

Several things determine how to clean On Cloud shoes:

  • the shoe material,
  • the level of dirtiness,
  • the type of dirt,
  • and the washing method.

When it comes to On Cloud running shoes, there are two significant categories of dirt.

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The one from mother nature, i.e., the earth, mud, water, and leaves you to encounter when running. The second dirt is runner instilled, i.e., blood, sweat, or rubbing oils.

Henceforth, taking care of your shoes can increase their life span and offer you services longer than those shoes which have not been maintained.

There are different methods on how to wash On Cloud shoes which include the following:

1. Hand Wash Method

Sometimes it can be tempting after a long day running to throw your On Cloud shoes into a washing machine.

However, this is not recommended for the durability of your shoes as well as the washing machine.

The recommended method is washing by hand.

This is how to wash On Cloud shoes by hand:

  1. Let the mud dry. This is the only way the soil will come out quickly. When the mud is dry, beat the shoes continuously against each other or use a dry toothbrush to scrub off the dirt.
  2. Unzip the insoles and laces.
  3. Clean off any debris, then put everything in a sink with warm water. It would be best not to use cleaners or household soaps on On Cloud shoes. You can use a liquid washing detergent or baking soda.
  4. Using a cloth or a toothbrush, reach the dusty parts and gently press the edges, heels, and front of the shoes as you keep the toothbrush in the cleaning solution.
  5. Then scrub on your On Cloud shoe’s surface with a soft white cloth.
  6. Rinse the shoes in warm water.
  7. To ensure the shoe maintains the right shape and shortens the drying time, stuff the shoes with tissue paper or a newspaper.

2. Rub Down Method

After a day of running the dirt has covered your shoes. Use an old toothbrush if you don’t have a new one to clean the shoes.

You will first begin by removing the intense build-up of dirt and mud.

To remove the stuck mud and dirt, clap the shoes against each other, sole to sole.

After you are done, put your On Cloud shoes in a dry place after taking out the laces and the inner soles.

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To remove the remaining dirt, wait for the soil to dry and use a dry brush to remove it.

This is one of the fastest ways to prepare for the next adventure since it requires just a short time after the run once the dirt dries.

This is also the best way how to clean white On Cloud shoes.

3. Cleaning the On Cloud Shoes Through a Washing Machine

This is another way how you can wash your On Cloud shoes, but you need to do a few things before putting them in a washing machine:

  1. Unzip the laces. This prevents the shoelaces from getting intertwined. Unzip and place them in different bags or pillowcases before putting them in the washer.
  2. Add towels. The washing machines spin very fast. Towels will assist in balancing the load in the washing machine and prevent your shoes from entangling and banging against each other. Put your shoes into a laundry mesh bag for more protection and before starting the appliance, put 4-6 towels under the shoes.
  3. Ensure the setting of the washing machine is the best. When washing through a machine, use cold water and liquid detergent. Use the low-speed spinning cycle of the machine, if possible, to ensure the washer remains balanced

How to clean On Cloud Shoes with a washing machine:

  1. Using a slightly wet rag, remove any debris on the surface.
  2. Then, using soapy water and a toothbrush, wash the soles of the shoes.
  3. Use a delicate bag to place your insoles and laces.
  4. Put your shoes in a pillowcase and tie them at the end to ensure they don’t come out of the pillow.
  5. Using only cold water, set the washing machine on a low-speed spinning cycle.
  6. Desist from using fabric conditioner and instead use a gentle detergent.
  7. To protect your On Cloud shoes during the spinning cycle, put a few towels in the drum.
  8. After the spinning cycle is over, please take out your shoes and stuff inside them some newspapers.
  9. For about 12 hours, leave your shoes to dry while they still have the newspaper.
  10. After 12 hours, remove the newspaper and place the shoes in a room with sufficient natural light and good ventilation. A dark room may cause the shoes to have fungus growth or molds, which will destroy the natural color of the shoes.

Stuffing your shoes with newspapers is the oldest drying method, but it is the cheapest and safest since your On Cloud shoes cannot be damaged, unlike using the dryer, and efficient since newspaper and towels are easily accessible.

If your On Cloud shoes have a terrible smell, baking soda is the cheapest way to ensure your shoe remains fresh:

  1. Using ordinary baking soda, sprinkle the soda directly into your On Cloud shoes.
  2. Shake the shoes well to ensure the baking soda distribute well in the shoe.
  3. Leave the shoe for at least 24 hours for the shoe to absorb.
  4. Remove the baking soda from the shoes.
  5. Keep the shoes in cedar block for the natural scent.

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Conclusion: Best Way to Clean On Cloud Shoes

The On Cloud shoes are not high maintenance but require to be kept clean along the way.

The goal is always to ensure they remain free from dirt and mud and are kept fresh so that mold cannot affect them.

The only way to achieve these standards is by learning how to clean On Cloud shoes.

If you are a road or a track runner, the mud and dirt-caked shoes can jeopardize your track actions.

Also, if the smell of your shoes is not pleasing it can compromise your confidence.

A vegetable brush and an old toothbrush are all you need to begin.

For the upper side of the shoes, if the On Cloud shoes have breathable membranes.

It is recommendable to use a footwear cleaner since detergents, and soap additives can block the membranes.

For insoles, a paste of baking soda, a vinegar solution, or a bar of mild soap is the best to use.

An On Cloud shoe will serve you for an extended period, and your comfort and confidence will always be guaranteed.

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