Do Brooks Stretch Out? 6 Exclusive Tips for You

Do Brooks stretch out

Every pair of shoes take time to adjust to our feet. If your footwear is too snug or narrow, it can cause cramping and discomfort.

A fitting running shoe works well for those who want to avoid sports-related injuries.

Maybe you’ve finally bought a new pair of shoes, and you’re wondering whether do Brooks stretch out or not.

As with other high-quality brands, Brooks shoes do not stretch but tend to lose their shape naturally. The insoles relax over time to give your feet a bit more room.

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran runner, you should understand how a shoe fits before you make the purchase.

With Brooks, tremendous ingenuity goes into manufacturing. And because it focuses on the latest technology, runners know what to expect after making a purchase.

If you want to pick a pace in your runs, you need a tight shoe that adheres to your feet.

According to experts, Brooks does not stretch. What happens is that the shoe tries to mold to your feet.

This means that you have more room for a better fit.

That said, you should always wear the right shoe size to avoid common foot injuries like plantar fasciitis.

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How to Stretch Running Shoes?

The midsoles and insoles of Brooks shoes are made of different materials. Some compress more than others.

After the break-in period, the midsole will feel soft.

But this doesn’t always happen.

If you don’t want your shoes to suffocate your feet, you can stretch them.

Here are some tips to follow:

Wear your shoes all-day

If your shoes are uncomfortable, you can wear them the whole day to stretch. Whether you’re at work or exercising, this is the easiest way to break them in.

As you walk around, the shoes adapt to your feet.

The idea is to relax and stretch them a bit.

Normally, the insole starts to mold, so the shoe fits much better. And once the heel sinks into the insole, the toes move away from the fabric in front.

If you still feel some discomfort after a couple of days, they will hurt while running. Why not look for another pair?

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Use a hair dryer

While this sounds virtually impossible, it does work. Simply put your socks on and squeeze into the sneakers.

Then, get set the hair dryer on medium heat and focus on the areas that are too tight.

Continue the process for 20-30 seconds – don’t overdo it to avoid burning the shoes.

The potato trick

Peel a potato and stick it in the toe box. Leave it overnight for a modest amount of stretch.

Don’t expect the change to be too dramatic.

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Run on treadmill

You’ve probably tried to hit the pavement in your shoes. If that didn’t work, you can use the shoes on a treadmill – make small increments in speed.

Because it mimics the actual running situation, a treadmill lets you try the footwear before you make the purchase. It’s the best experience you can ever get.

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Depending on how frequently you run, you can alternate your old and new pair. If you run four times a week, you should use the new shoe twice.

Do you get the picture?

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Use shoe stretch sprays

Some manufacturers recommend liquid sprays to stretch the upper. You can spray the liquid in tight areas to get a custom stretch.

Use adjustable shoe trees

These are special plugs that target specific areas on the toe box. You should try every 8-12 hours to get that desired stretch.

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Conclusion: Do Brooks Running Shoes Stretch?

Brooks’s shoes should fit seamlessly without being too snug. Your toes should not touch the top of the fabric as you walk or run.

Additionally, the shoes should not move in the forefoot or heel. As the shoe breaks in, the foot will mold into the insole and hold better.

If the toes barely touch the box, the shoe could mold to your foot after a couple of days.

However, if your Brooks shoes feel tight after trying the above tricks, you should return them and get something different.

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