How to Spot Fake Brooks Shoes from 11 Signs?

How to spot fake Brooks shoes

Brooks shoes are known for their breathable upper and unique midsole construction. However, fraudsters usually create imposter websites that claim to sell original products.

Sometimes, social media is used to promote such sites. That said, it’s important to be vigilant as you make your purchase.

Are you wondering how to spot fake Brooks shoes?

The simplest way to tell if the shoe is fake is by checking the physical appearance. The tricky part is that both shoes may look identical, but there are some indicators to look out for.

While Brooks will work hard to shut down imposter websites, you must shop from legitimate websites.

This post will help you spot original Brooks shoes and eliminate the fake ones.

How to Tell If Brooks Shoes Are Fake?

Once you understand the safety drill of Brooks shoes, you can get the real ones.

Here is what to look out for:

Box and sticker

You should ensure the box that comes with the shoes is intact. If the stickers are interfered with, that’s a tell tail sign it could be fake.

Always follow your guts.

Tag check

An original shoe has a tag at the back of the tongue – you should know how to read it.

Normally, it shows the date of production. There’s also a barcode to identify the originality of each shoe.

If your shoe lacks a tag check, it will deteriorate over time. The manufacturing time is on the lower side of the tag.

Fabric quality

A fake Brooks shoe imitates the original one – the seams are nice, and the finishing is perfect.

Since the fake ones don’t use high-quality machines, you’ll see some thread endings.

Other than that, the fabric feels rough and prone to scratches.

Heavier insoles

Fake Brooks shoes feature heavier insoles compared to the original ones. For the original Brooks, the insoles feel excellent and won’t hurt after a long day.

Since fake shoes can’t keep up with technology, they come with paper-like insoles that feel hard to the touch.

And once you put it on, the insole will feel warmer too.


Brooks has expanded its selection of material for the midsoles. The company uses ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a material known for lightness and low density.

It naturally expands and returns the force applied. The midsole is also durable and doesn’t compress over time.

Fake shoes have insoles made of subpar material that wear out over time.

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Glue stains

Since the replica imitates the original shoe, you’ll spot some glue stains on the midsole.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to spot the defect with the naked eye. Perhaps, you may want to use a blue light to identify the glue stains.

Rigid front sole

One unique thing you’ll notice about Brooks is the front sole.

When you wear an original shoe, you’ll feel the flexibility – it bends without leaving crease marks.

If you buy a fake Brooks shoe, you’ll feel rigidity as you walk. The crease line is also visible.

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Heel joint

While most people overlook the heel joint, you can spot a fake shoe if you look closer.

More specifically, you should pay attention to the heel tab to see the difference.

The heel joint may feel out of place, but this is what gives that premium feel. A fake heel joint will always feel sloppy.

The details

The color combination can tell if the shoe is original or not. You should scrutinize the inside materials too.

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Experts say the smell of an original Brooks shoe is different from the fake one. Counterfeit shoes use cheap materials that produce a fake smell.

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Check online stores

Even without being too technical, you can tell a fake online shoe store. If the product images appear stolen, that’s a red flag.

A legitimate website hires professional photographers to take the photos. Fake sites, on the other hand, will download images from the internet.

Also, if the site doesn’t start with https://, you should exit immediately. A URL without an S shows anyone can hack it.

Of course, the last thing you want is to lose your hard-earned cash.

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Conclusion: How to Spot Fake Brooks Shoes With Ease

Brooks shoes offer everything you need for running and walking. They feature a simplified midsole construction that ensures a soft landing on every run.

If you plan to buy Brooks shoes, you should pay attention to the fake ones. The most critical thing is to check the features post-delivery.

Happy shopping!

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