How to Clean Brooks Shoes? 4 Crucial Things

How to clean Brooks shoes

Caked mud, grass stains, and scuffs are marks of pride after spending countless hours on the trails but don’t let them ruin your footwear.

If you just bought a new pair of running shoes, you’re probably researching how to clean Brooks shoes.

The manufacturer recommends that you clean your shoes by hand using mild detergent and a soft brush or microfiber cloth.

First, you should remove the laces and insoles – clean and dry them separately.

Secondly, brush the bottom of the shoes to remove any dirt or grime. After that, use a soft cloth to clean the upper.

Lastly, keep the shoes in an airy place and stuff them with newspapers. This reduces drying time and keeps them in shape.

You’re probably asking yourself: When should I clean my shoes?

It depends on where you run

For trail running, your shoes pick up dirt and mud. If you’ve used dirty shoes before, you already know that a big cake of mud increases your risk of falling.

Besides the loss of traction, it’s not fun to look at.

If you’re a road runner, you don’t have to deal with lots of mud – your cleaning regimen should focus on combatting the smells.

Always clean the shoes when you notice a change in the way they feel.

Why does cleaning the shoes matter?

I’m sure you bought Brooks shoes because they felt and looked cool. We are talking about crazy patterns, bright colors, and all that.

Better care equals better elasticity and longer life. The way your shoe looks will determine how long you can keep running in them.

Here is a great video that deep-dives into how to clean Brooks shoes the most efficient way.

Video made by: Tino The Sole Restorer

Can You Put Brooks Shoes in the Washer?

Never use a washer or a drying machine to clean your Brooks running shoes. This can compromise the materials.

It may sound tempting to do it but don’t.

Since the shoes are glued together, chlorine can damage the adhesives. After all, Brooks shoes are not designed to take a beating for a 60-minute cycle.

Even the heat will leave them mangled when you next slip on them. If your washing machine has the hand-wash setting, avoid that too.

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I recommend the following steps if you want to keep your shoes squeaky clean:

  1. Use a soft brush to remove any debris. The idea is to reduce friction between the layers. Don’t submerge the shoes in soapy water.
  2. Remove the dirt on the outsole using your brush. You can use more water.
  3. You can now move to the midsole. Again, use a soft toothbrush to get into the crevices.

How to Clean Brooks Ghost Shoes?

Buy some brushes

You want an effortless brush-off after every run. If you’re a trail runner, a small toothbrush keeps the lugs clean.

The secret is to get the mud out as soon as you can.

Wash the outer of the shoes with warm soapy water

For stubborn stains, use a gentle cleaning solution. We’re talking about warm water, not hot. If you use hot water, you risk ruining the adhesives.

If you’re tackling heavier set stains, you can alternate between a heavier brush and a soft cloth.

Brooks shoes are designed for comfort. If you don’t pay attention to the mesh part, they will lose the ability to breathe.

Use a microfiber to wash the insoles. Your focus should be around the toes where stains and odors are noticeable.

Wipe the shoes

If you used a cleaning solution, give your shoes a good rinse. Depending on how dirty they are, you can repeat this step several times.

It can be tedious, but worth the results.

Always treat the upper with great care to keep going mile after mile.

Dry the shoes

Keep the shoe in an airy spot. Although you may be tempted to use a hairdryer to speed the process, that can do more damage than good.

You don’t want to ruin the shape of your shoes. After a couple of hours, you can reinsert the sole and hit the road again.

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Conclusion: How to Wash Brooks Shoes?

Cleaning your Brooks shoes can be tasking, but the process is worthwhile.

The idea is not to keep them minty fresh but to stop the sweat and muck from doing their worst.

If you’re a trail runner, mud-caked outsoles can compromise the traction.

We recommend that you follow the above guide to keep your shoes sparkling again. However, there comes a time when you must part ways with your shoes.

If no amount of cleaning can resurrect it, you should get a new pair.

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