Why Are Brooks Shoes So Good? 7 Great Reasons

Why are Brooks shoes so good

If you need casual running shoes or you want to get your 10,000 daily steps, the footwear you choose can make or break your day.

Many professionals would recommend Brooks. But why are Brooks shoes so good?

Brooks shoes are good for both running and walking. They are lightweight to allow for quick movement and stability.

The cushioning on the forefoot and heel is also breathtaking. This is what makes the footwear less flexible than other walking shoes.

Don’t let the word “cushion” fool you.

The two Brooks shoes in this category are the Adrenaline and the Beast. They emphasize soft landing to protect every step.

No matter the pair you choose, the shoes adapt to every stride during a run.

Another feature that guarantees better shock absorption is the segmented crash pad. It’s shaped like a caterpillar. As the foot strikes the ground, you get the right cushioning.

Why Are Brooks Shoes Good for Your Feet?

The secret of Brooks shoes is all about technology. Here are the reasons they are so good:

Comfortable upper

Brooks shoes feature a mesh upper that covers the top and sides of the foot. They also come with a spacious toe box to ensure your comfort.


The midsole is sandwiched between the rubber insole and outsole. It’s made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) material for shock absorption.

But one thing that sets the shoes apart is the BioMoGo DNA technology. This material offers a different amount of cushioning based on the force applied.

It’s what gives the unique feel depending on stride, pace, and weight.

Brooks are great shoes for people with low and high arches. If you have a high arch, you can benefit from the added shock absorption.

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This support comes in handy for people who want to treat plantar fasciitis.

Excess motion can also lead to increased inflammation. Brooks can help people overcome injuries that prevent them from exercising.

After all, runners need a shoe with superior cushioning to reduce the impact on every stride while protecting against injury.

Although different materials are used, it boils down to personal preference.


Brooks features a soft removable foam insole that comes into contact with your feet. The internal cushioning allows you to accommodate an upgraded insole.

Secondly, the integrated system of shock absorbers creates easier landings.

That’s not all – the progressive roll bar offers greater rear foot control and works for those who spend long periods on their feet.


Brooks Ghost outsole

The outsole features a soft rubber for better traction.

Additionally, the slip-resistant sole works well on all terrains, including sidewalks and hiking trails.

Better stability

If you need more support on the ankle region, Brooks never disappoints. If you overpronate, you get the much-needed stability.

Even better, these shoes come with a better heel counter that locks the foot into the shoe. Some designs come with a plastic insert to increase support.


Every athlete wants a shoe that fits seamlessly. Brooks fits almost true-to-size, so you stay comfortable on every run.

Thankfully, Brooks come with varying widths to accommodate different foot sizes.

Whether you have narrow or wide feet, you can find a model that suits you best.

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Every time you choose Brooks shoes, you should think about use. Although these shoes are suitable for running, you can use them for all kinds of workouts.

The springy design makes the footwear ideal for hiking or HIIT.

In terms of cost, Brooks is within the range of other running shoes. They are less expensive without compromising on features.

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Older models come at a discounted price.

Conclusion: Why Are Brooks Shoes So Good?

Ask any runner why they think Brooks is the perfect running shoe. You can expect answers – they are durable, comfortable, and supportive.

One feature that has caught the attention of workout enthusiasts is the unique DNA LOFT cushioning.

It’s what makes you comfortable during those long runs. Other than that, people recommend this brand because it’s supportive and well-cushioned.

Runners can also benefit from the sturdy heel counter.

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