Where Are Brooks Shoes Made? China? Vietnam?

Where are Brooks shoes made

Running is more than just a hobby to many of us – it brings us together. No doubt, Brooks dominates the footwear industry.

Being a popular brand, you’re probably asking: Where are Brooks shoes made?

Most Brooks shoes are made in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, El Salvador, Mexico, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

According to Brooks’s incorporation report of 2022, there are 37 factories worldwide. The Brooks global headquarters is in Seattle, Washington.

Their products are enjoyed by runners in over 50 counties.

Taiwan is known to have cheap labor. This allows the brand to sell at an affordable price.

El Salvador, on the other hand, enjoys political responsibility. Indonesia came in recently. It has two factories in tier 1 and tier 2.

Brooks has a rich history that dates back to 1914. Initially, the company focused on ballet slippers before establishing the athletic division.

In the late 80s, the company launched Brooks for women. By 1999, they launched the Adrenaline GTS shoes.

But a few years later, they decided to cut down their production by focusing on running-related technology.

No matter where the shoes are manufactured, you can rest assured they will be of high quality. Brooks has strong quality assurance control.

That said, you expect a running shoe from Vietnam to be of the same quality as those from the US.

According to the manufacturer, tier 1 factories must meet at least an 80 % FSLM score. Tier 2 factories are also expected to achieve more than 80 % FEM score by 2025.

The strict compliance on manufacturing is the secret behind Brooks’s expansion.

Are Brooks Shoes Made in China?

Yes. When you mention Brooks, the first place that comes to mind is China. It’s known to have six factories that manufacture running shoes.

China has cheap labor, making it the perfect location for manufacturing shoes.

However, following a trade war between China and the US, the majority of its production went to Vietnam.

Before the restrictions were put in place, more than 40 % of Brooks shoes came from China. Today, China accounts for only 10 % of production since a lot of manual labor is required.

Are Brooks Shoes Made in Vietnam?

While more than 50 % of shoes come from Vietnam, most of the production is done by third-party manufacturers.

Recent reports show that there are ten factories in Vietnam.

According to James M Weber, the company CEO, Brooks is looking to expand its factories even further.

Out of the ten factories, six handle footwear assembly, two handle the midsole and outsole, and the rest deal with sock liner or insole.

Since Vietnam is the second shoe exporter after China, the manufacturer trusts the location.

According to the company CEO, the brand plans to increase production in Vietnam by up to 65 %.

Are Brooks Running Shoes Made in the USA?

Brooks shoes were first manufactured in Philadelphia, US. Today, manufacturing runs on a small scale.

In 2018, Brooks partnered with Special Olympics USA Games to create running shoes. A portion of the proceeds would go to helping athletes participate in Special Olympics.

As mentioned earlier, the company is headquartered in Washington.

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Conclusion: Where Are Brooks Shoes Manufactured?

Brooks manufactures some of the best running shoes in the world without compromising quality. The brand has 37 major factories worldwide and continues to expand even further.

Most folks choose Brooks as their go-to brand because it’s environmental-friendly. These shoes are enjoyed by runners in over 50 counties.

No matter where the shoes are manufactured, you get value for money.

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